Geek Out with the Dart's Gadgetry

Looks matter a lot, whether you're choosing a new house or the best looking piece of chicken. Your car shouldn't be any different. Now there  is the 2014 Dodge Dart which looks so good from the outside, you might find your neighbor coveting your new ride.

Its heritage is pure American. With relatives like the Challenger and Charger making headlines and changing our concept of the muscle car, the Dodge Dart is the nerdy little brother. But nerdy in the good way, like Seth Cohen or Jim Halpert - you know, the guys who somehow always get the girl with their wit and charm. It's the most technologically advanced car in its class, so you can stay connected to the outside world, online while keeping your hands on the wheel. Take a closer look at all the awesome, hi-tech features of the Dart here in Benton, KY.

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