Need to Swap Your Tires? Parkway Chrysler is Here to Help

Benton, KY might not see much snow, but it can still be useful to have a vehicle that's prepared for any weather. With Parkway Chrysler, that's easy and affordable!

Tires are a huge part of being prepared for winter driving. It's pretty much common knowledge that if you need to be driving in a lot of snow, then you should get set up with a good set of winter tires. But did you know that winter tires are actually designed specifically to perform well in cold and below-freezing temperatures?

Check out this neat video to see how winter tires perform against all-season tires in warm, cold, and freezing temps!

Knowing your climate is as important as knowing your tires! If you take frequent trips up north, it wouldn't hurt to have sturdy winter tires on your vehicle. But, if you prefer to hunker down under a blanket when the thermometer dips below 32 degrees, then a good set of all-season tires should do the trick! And, our handy service department can help you select the right brand and size for your vehicle, and take care of all the work.

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