Bob Dylan and Chrysler Band Together for Super Bowl Ad

Here at Parkway Chrysler we remember when our brand introduced us to the tagline "Imported from Detroit."  It was back in 2011 that this was aired in the Super Bowl commercial starring Eminem and the 200 sedan.  Now, our brand is introducing us to a new tagline, and is using a similar approach.

On Sunday Chrysler once again turned to the 200 and a musician to show off a new tagline during the Super Bowl.  Bob Dylan and the next-generation sedan introduced to the world "America's Import," and once again the commercial was powerful and made some serious waves.  Take a look again at this commercial below:

Bob Dylan and the 2015 Chrysler 200 painted a picture of America with the above commercial, and for our brand their message was loud and clear: They will not compromise their morals and produce a vehicle that is not purely American made.

If you want to drive a car that is fashioned on our home soil then stop by our Benton, Kentucky showroom and check out the rides we have in the inventory of new Chrysler models.  Take one for a test drive to feel some real red, white and blue power and style, we look forward to seeing you.

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