Founding Fathers Pull at Consumers' Heartstrings in Recent Dodge Ad

Dodge has been celebrating the company's 100th anniversary in all sorts of ways this year. From having 100-plus-year-old fans dish out wisdom, to Gas Monkey Garage's Richard Rawlings recounting the heyday of the performance car era, to the creation of the record-breaking Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, the automaker has been teaching out to consumers every way it can think of -- and now the company is reaching back to its founding fathers to tell the whole story.

In a recent ad campaign, founders and brothers John and Horace Dodge recount their storied past for the cameras and the consumers at home, and the effect is truly heartwarming. Dodge was founded on the same passion and drive for innovation that motivates the company today. Get to know the grandfathers of the auto industry in this emotional commercial:

The 2015 model years marks the start of another century for the brand, so help us celebrate its living legacy by test driving and enjoying our extensive selection of new Dodge vehicles, here at Parkway Chrysler in Benton, KY.

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