Truck Month is the Perfect Time to get the Ram 1500

Trucks may look similar, but under the rugged exterior there are stark differences in the quality of the guts in each pickup. Only one can be named superior, and this year Motor Trend picked the Ram 1500 to be the Truck of the Year. Now is the perfect time to bring this winner home during Truck Month.

Between goal and effort is the achievement, and the Ram 1500 bridges the gap between the two ends. Technology has become smarter over the years, and now you can spend your journey enjoying the open road instead of keeping one eye in your rearview mirror, thanks to Brake Assist and other electronic stability technologies. Parking is a breeze, even in busier areas, thanks to sensors in the front of the vehicle that let you know your proximity to obstacles.

Come in to our Benton, KY dealership today, and take home the award-winning Ram 1500 during Truck Month.

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